After a brief hiatus, ANY_STAGE PRODUCTIONS is now back to work and excited to feature in today’s post Phoenix-based band, Bad Lucy. Another band that has come highly recommended by several friends, Bad Lucy is J. Miller, Alex Kyhn and Alex Lee. These three fine gentlemen have been playing together for almost two years and have already recorded two albums. The first, a self-titled EP under Flying Blanket Recording. The second, called Live at the Farm, is a live recording with an expected release date in early 2013. With a pop-y, rock-y, folk-y sound (yep, those are words) Bad Lucy is easy on the ears and actually, one of those bands whose songs stay in your head all day. And this hasn’t escaped the attention of listeners outside Arizona. Last year, Bad Lucy’s song “Forward” was chosen to be played during Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Pretty sweet.

With several shows on their horizon and an upcoming album release, you’ve got to keep your eyes (and ears) on these boys. Pun intended. I couldn’t help myself.

Check out their action here: AND

Bad Lucy performs “Knife” in a historic home in Downtown Phoenix.



  1. Wendy M

    Love this! They have a great sound. And as always, your camera work and choice of venues makes the video interesting to watch.

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