I have been wanting to shoot a video with Avery since ANY_STAGE’s first post. Mind you that wasn’t too long ago, but still, they were worth the wait. I love everything about Avery. Their sound is modern folk, but something I noticed right away is that no matter which venue they are playing, I quickly forget my surroundings and get drawn in by their sultry, inviting, moody songs. And I mean moody in the very best sense. Get out there and find out what I’m talking about.

Avery is Mariah DeRaet, Allison Galbreath, Brad Mitchell and Eric Estrada. Mariah and Allison have been playing together for a couple years now, but Brad and Eric just recently joined the band within the last six months. You’d never know it was so recent. They play together beautifully. Currently, the band is working on their first album and are booking more and more shows. Be sure to catch them at The Crescent Ballroom on October 17 with New York-based band Hospitality. Stay updated on their new album and upcoming shows here: https://www.facebook.com/averyaz/info

***A note on the location. Soft lighting, hardwood floors and cool-blue mirrored walls. How lucky were we to shoot here?? Matthew and Rebecca Fritz, owners of SuTRA Midtown Yoga, generously opened their studio after-hours for our musical endeavor. Located on 7th Street in Central Phoenix, SuTRA was once an abandoned factory building. When this couple took over, they not only created a healthy, neighborhood and community-centered haven, but they did it with style. It is a beautifully designed and decorated restoration, complete with local art exhibits and a cafe. I can’t thank this lovely couple enough for their gracious hospitality. I strongly encourage you to check this place out. If yoga is not your thing, then perhaps a relaxing massage? How could anyone say no? Find out more info here: http://www.sutramidtown.com/home OR https://www.facebook.com/SuTRAmidtown?ref=ts

Phoenix band Avery poses for photo inside yoga studio

Phoenix-based band Avery performs “Pictures” inside SuTRA Yoga.



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