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Something old and something new. That’s how I’d describe this post. New being that I recently had the very delightful opportunity to meet and get to know Gabe Williams and Chanelle Sinclair, husband and wife duo of the local band, The Bear and the Bird. I can’t begin to tell you how sweet and genuine these two are. Gabe and Chanelle have been playing together for more than a year now and met through a mutual love of music. In fact, on the day of our shoot, they were celebrating their one-year anniversary of being married. Gabe also plays and sings in the Phoenix-based band, Bears of Manitou, and Chanelle is a professional photographer. Talk about talent! But they are as humble as can be, easygoing and kind. You’ll find that their music reflects their, lack for a better word, awesome personalities. Not to mention they are tremendous foodies and enjoy good whiskey. Can you tell I love these two? I encourage you to check them out.

http://thebearandthebird.com/ OR https://www.facebook.com/thebearandthebird

And before I talk about the location – let me mention that I was beside myself that Gabe and Chanelle play a fantastic cover of The Tallest Man on Earth, a shared favorite musician. Even more exciting, Tallest Man will be playing at The Crescent Ballroom on Sept. 1. Hope to see you there! It will be a great show.

***And now for the old – Butter Toast Boutique. I happened upon this vintage shop during a leisurely stroll in the Roosevelt Row area one afternoon. I immediately fell in love with its charm, excellent taste in vintage clothing and drum roll…prices I can afford! Hard to find a good vintage store with all three. I want to say a special thanks to the owners, Traci Nelson and Jasmine Jarrett, for letting us shoot in this location. If you don’t get a chance to check this place out during its normal hours, stop by during a First Friday. And check out their site here.

photo gabe williams and chanelle sinclair inside butter toast boutique

Gabe Williams and Chanelle Sinclair, The Bear and the Bird, perform “The Wild Hunt” and “Lost” inside Butter Toast Boutique.




Ah yes, here it is. My vintage post. And there are a few reasons why. First, Michael Brian Patterson is a dear, old friend of mine who has known me since the days of going to shows in tiny, dark, cramped venues on school nights. High school nights. In those days, Michael was playing for a band called the Dietrichs and I was a loyal fan to the end. It’s been amazing watching him play over the years and I am very excited to feature his current work. Michael is in two bands right now, Broken Gun and Russian Arms and Optics. These songs are from Broken Gun, but if you check back soon you’ll be seeing a post featuring Russian Arms and Optics (in a very unique location, I might add).

Secondly, Michael arrived at the video shoot with a beautiful, vintage guitar that belonged to his grandmother in the thirties. I was beside myself. I love antiques. Especially musical ones.

*A note on the locations. Lastly, both videos were shot in two historic buildings in Downtown Phoenix on Roosevelt Row. The historic element is evidenced by the creaking floorboards and mint green-hued kitchen. Unless you know the owners personally, I guess I will not be encouraging a visit to these locations. 🙂 But I do highly recommend you visit Roosevelt Row for its thriving art community, weekly events and local shops, bars, restaurants and art galleries.

We hope you enjoy the post!


Michael Brian Patterson performs “It Ain’t Over” and “Dry Wells” in Downtown Phoenix.