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Here he is folks….Dylan Pratt! One of the things I love about this project, is that I am constantly being introduced to new musicians. After my shoot with Bogan Via, I ran into them at a show and they gave me a glowing recommendation of Dylan Pratt. And they were not exaggerating. I made a point to check him out and loved his style. An Arizona native, Dylan has been playing live since he was a teenager and it shows. During the shoot, I was experimenting with a new mic and unfortunately the sound does not give his voice justice. Please bear with me as I continue my sound experimentations. And in the meantime, go see him live!

I’m so glad I was able to catch Dylan for a few videos, because I have the feeling he won’t be local for too much longer. This summer he went on a west coast tour and is continuing to book more and more shows. So go see him while you can and check back later for more videos of him.

http://dylanprattmusic.com/ OR http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dylan-Pratt/53474785756

*Note on the location. This video was shot in Songbird Coffee & Tea House, which is located inside MonOrchid in downtown Phoenix. The coffee house owners, Jonathan and Erin Carroll, awesome as they are, were kind enough to let us use their space even before the shop is open. The official opening of Songbird Coffee will happen next week and it is highly anticipated by many. Once open, Songbird will be featuring live music acts, including Dylan. Follow Songbird’s action here: http://songbirdcoffeehouse.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/SongbirdCoffeeHouse

Dylan Pratt performs “All Is Great” at Songbird Coffee & Tea House.