It’s like drinking black label whiskey in the cheapest bar in town. This is how The Cold Desert was first described to me. Even before hearing the music, my ears perked up. A visual description of a band’s sound is something a writer loves to hear. And even better, the description lived up to its appeal. The Cold Desert is Matt Klassen, Jared Kaiser, Cody Nelson and Jason Stromberg. They play a combination of dirty southern rock and midwestern old folk. As stated in my teaser photo caption, these boys rock. And I’m sure you’d agree if you saw them perform live. Which you absolutely should do and you have the chance to tomorrow at 3rd Place on the west side. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the guys will be playing with DowningStreet, American Longspurs, The Buxtons, and Bryan James and the Crooked Teeth. In addition to the show, The Cold Desert has a new full-length album coming out soon, Woman & God, produced by Cory Spotts. Stay updated on the release date here: OR

***A note on the location. This video was shot inside Mods & Rockers, a vintage music store located in Downtown Phoenix. For those familiar with the area, it’s nestled in between the Trunk Space and Bikini Lounge. It was quite fitting. Rob Shipp, musician and owner of Mods & Rockers, sells unique, vintage instruments (some even used for this shoot) at great prices. If you’re a music lover, I’d encourage a visit down there. A big thanks to Rob for letting us use the space! OR

The Cold Desert performs an acoustic version of “Southern Women” in vintage music shop, Mods & Rockers.


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  1. trendhype

    Reblogged this on trend hype. and commented:
    While this is a blog for fashion, I could extend this to you by saying that these boys are representing Ambiguous clothing. Every last one of them. From top to bottoms. Matt Klassen takes skater boy-fab and puts his “I’m a fucking hipster” twist while Cody takes ode to Uncle Jesse (I can’t let him live that down).

    But mostly, you all just really need to listen to this band. Their style speaks for itself.

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