As promised in my previous post, here’s a little video of Phoenix-based band Russian Arms and Optics. We had a great time shooting on the ice in the middle of summer in Phoenix. In fact, by the time we finished, our hands and feet were frozen. But it was a welcome break. I love this version of “It Was Only A Dream,” but to listen to them play live in their full glory is a completely different experience. And I suggest you check them out. Their sound is indie rock with a mix of dance and pop. They are full of energy and when you’re at a show, so are you.

When I first met the Pattersons (Liz-lead singer, Michael-keys/organ), I was a teenager and I’ve been following their work ever since. It’s been a long, fun ride and I’m excited to see where they’ll go next with Russian Arms and Optics.
Hope you take a listen and look them up! or

***A note on the location. We shot the video at Arcadia Ice Arena which is connected to Ice House Tavern, a bar that overlooks the ice. Russian Arms and Optics plays here frequently and considering the name of the band, we thought it only appropriate to shoot in the coldest of conditions in Phoenix.

Russian Arms and Optics performs an acoustic version of “It Was Only A Dream” at Arcadia Ice Arena.



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