Two videos! What?!?

This post is particularly special for me. For those that know me, you know that Vinyl Station is a band that is very near and dear to me. Not only because of their AMAZING talent, but they’re just great guys to know. After seeing one show, I felt so lucky that this band was local and that I could see them as often as I wanted. I did and still do. Vinyl Station is Matthew Thornton and Brendon Cottrell. They play several times a week at different venues around Phoenix. I strongly encourage you to go see them immediately, check out their website and follow them on Facebook. Do it. Now. And while I still have you, I also want to mention that Vinyl Station will be starting a Kickstarter campaign VERY soon to fund their new album. It’s possible they may have used the same videographer for their Kickstarter video. 🙂 Details will be on their Facebook page….so check it out!

Click here:  OR

***A note on the location. These videos were shot in Kazimierz World Wine Bar (or Kazbar) in Scottsdale, Arizona. This venue is one of my favorites to see Vinyl Station. It’s a dark, cozy, intimate, classy, speakeasy kind of bar. It doesn’t get much better.

Vinyl Station performs “That Man” and “She’s Alive” at Kazimierz World Wine Bar.


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